Who's who

Who's who

                  Power and duties of its officers and employees [Section 4(1) (b)(ii)]

  1.            Powers and duties of officers (administrative, financial and judicial)




Name of the post.


  Powers and duties and Work allocation                           (in brief)




Chief Electoral Officer                             

1. Conduct of General Elections.

2. Revision/Continuous updation of                  Electoral  Rolls.

3. Preparation and issue of Elector Photo

    Identity Cards (EPICs).

4. Full powers of sanctioning authority.




i)Addl. Chief Electoral Officer   

ii)Returning Officer

iii)District Election Officer


1. Conduct of General Elections.

2.Returning Officer for declaration of              results of Parliamentary Elections.

3 Financial Powers upto Rs.5,00,000/-


Electoral Registration Officer

Enrollment of voters as E.R.O. 




i)Joint Chief Electoral Officer

ii)Asstt. Electoral Registration



1.Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

2.Financial Powers upto Rs.20,000/- 

3. PIO/ Appellate Authority in RTI Act.  




Naib Tehsildar(Election)


1.Processing all correspondence relating to

    Election Department and forwarding  to

   the Seniors for decision.

2.Arrangement of all election material for

    holding of elections.

3.Redressal of Public Grievances

4.Preparation of Cheques

5.Revision of Electoral Rolls

6.Manpower Management and service rules 7.Work as CPIO

8.Signing the extract (Certified copies) of  Electoral Rolls

9.Procurement of material